Our current sponsors can be viewed on the Petoskey Robotics site:  

To become a sponsor, you can donate cash, or see the sponsor levels.


Q: What will my contribution help support?

A: Your donation goes to Petoskey Robotics, which helps educate kids K-12 about STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math - as well as non-engineering things like business management, marketing, and teamwork.

Q: How much should I give?

A: As much as you can or want to give. Every bit helps!

Q: What do I get for sponsoring?

A: We have a specific breakdown of our sponsor levels and accompanying benefits at the above link.

Q: Is there a set time sponsors are accepted? (i.e. Sept-Nov)

A: Not only do we accept donations all year, we operate all year! We go to community events in the summer where you can come to learn, visit, ask questions and donate!

Q: Can I sponsor just one program?

A: We're afraid not. All donations go to Petoskey Robotics, our umbrella fundraising organization. Donations help all three levels of the organization where it's needed, which simplifies and streamlines fundraising.

Q: Do students help cover some of the cost? Or does all the funding come from donations?

A: All students have a cost they have to pay, but there are many ways students can fund raise to meet that fee and help the team.

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