The Paladins have to fill out a lot of forms, it's just a part of being so involved. Please check this spreadsheet so you know what you are missing! If any of the information is incorrect, contact Mr. Ochs or email us at

Some of these forms are commitment forms and permission slips for our competitions. These forms are passed out after Kick Off, and are available from Mr. Ochs or you can download them here (.zip file). These forms need to be turned in ASAP!

All team members should be familiar with the Petoskey Paladins Handbook, as it is the rules and guidelines that are followed at meetings, demos, and competition.

The 2019 game video is below. We encourage you to watch it and come up with your own theory on what the game is going to be!


Contact Information:

Tom Ochs - Coach



Mary Jean Meyerson - NEMO Coach