Saturday, January 23rd. 14th Day of Build Season.

The Mechanical team continued work on the practice robot, assembling different pieces so it can be pieced together later.

Electronics team started building the electronics board and began problem-solving certain design flaws.

The Programming team worked on vision-targeting for the goals on the tower, and Practice Field continued working on the tower.

Wednesday, January 20th. 11th Day Of Build Season

On the 20th, Mechanical finished the prototypes for all of the robot mechanisms. To the whole team's joy, everything works great!

Electronics and programming also started working today - they planned out which sensors they would need and what they would need them for.

The Practice Field team finished all of the defenses!


The Quick Build

Every year, the Paladins host a Quick Build, a day-long event to support Northern Michigan FRC teams. Teams from all over come to the Petoskey High School, where the Paladins help them build, program, and wire a working chassis. This allows new teams, or teams with few mentors, to get started with the complex game ideas rather than spend time building a chassis.