Thursday, January 28th. 19th Day of Build Season.

Mechanical team tested the intake roller with the motor chained out on arm, which unfortunately didn't work. They also began assembling a prototype with a PG motor inside two different sized PVC tubes. 

Electronics had to rebuild the base of the electronics board, as it broke. They powered through it effectively, however!

The programming team had a brief meeting covering basic functionality and prepping for tasks to come.

Scouting reviewed processes for competition and introduced some new members to the system, so at competitions, scouting will be easier and smoother.

Wednesday, January 20th. 11th Day Of Build Season

On the 20th, Mechanical finished the prototypes for all of the robot mechanisms. To the whole team's joy, everything works great!

Electronics and programming also started working today - they planned out which sensors they would need and what they would need them for.

The Practice Field team finished all of the defenses!