Sunday, January 31st. Half Way Through Build Season!

The Mechanical team added a front bumper and adjusted the tension on the treads.

Electronics completed wiring the practice bot.

The programming team finished their code, so the practice bot is driving!! Woohoo! This is a huge milestone in the build season!

Thursday, January 28th. 19th Day of Build Season.

Mechanical team tested the intake roller with the motor chained out on arm, which unfortunately didn't work. They also began assembling a prototype with a PG motor inside two different sized PVC tubes. 

Electronics had to rebuild the base of the electronics board, as it broke. They powered through it effectively, however!

The programming team had a brief meeting covering basic functionality and prepping for tasks to come.

Scouting reviewed processes for competition and introduced some new members to the system, so at competitions, scouting will be easier and smoother.

Wednesday, January 27th. 18th Day of Build Season!

Mechanical team began to work on the treads - they pulled out the pulleys, and fitted them to the chassis. Once this process is finished, the practice robot will be drive ready! 

Electronics team modified added two talons to the talon board. 

Saturday, January 23rd. 14th Day of Build Season.

The Mechanical team continued work on the practice robot, assembling different pieces so it can be pieced together later.

Electronics team started building the electronics board and began problem-solving certain design flaws.

The Programming team worked on vision-targeting for the goals on the tower, and Practice Field continued working on the tower.