Q: What is 3618?

A: The Paladins are a FIRST FRC team with the number 3618. 

Q: So, what even is a 'Paladin'?

A: That's actually a great question. A Paladin, according to the dictionary, is a knight renowned for heroism and chivalry. The Paladins follow that definition - we are a team working towards being not only the best innovators, but kind and gracious along the way.

Q: So how is 'Paladins' pronounced?

A: Pal-uh-dins.

Q: What about Petoskey?

A: Pet-ah-sss-key

Q: What is this year's challenge?

A:  FIRST Power Up has been released! The game involves grabbing power up blocks and putting them on giant scales or switches to gain possession. Robots can also climb the scale during the end game. Teams can also uses boosts that will increase score, ability to climb, and control scale and switches.

Q: This seems like a really cool program, but I am not that interested in mechanical or programming, is there any thing else that I can help with?

A: Of course there is! We have two sides to our team, the "EMO" (Engineering and Mechanical) and the "NEMO" (Non-Engineering and Mechanical). The NEMO team will help build leadership, business management, graphic design, and writing skills. 

Q: This is all so cool! How do I join?

A: The Paladins accept new members every year in September. We do have rolling admission for students who decide to join late, but the absolute deadline is our yearly Northwest Michigan Robotics Conference in early December. All the information and forms will be posted here or could be picked up at Mr. Ochs' room at Petoskey High School.

Q: Where can I get more information about different programs?

A: Head over to the FIRST official website, where you will be able to have all your questions answered or email us at petoskeypaladins3618@gmail.com