There are 25 million dollars of scholarships available through FIRST. Their website allows students to refine their search through different colleges, majors, and deadlines. Every senior (and junior) should look through these scholarships and apply.

The time commitment changes for every student, and for the time of year. The commitment needed increases during our actual season - January through April - but the Paladins function all year long, mostly at a low commitment level. As for cost, every Paladin has yearly dues, usually around $175 that they must pay to help the team function (the Paladins alone need upwards of $15,000 every year), as well as a Pay-to-Play fee from the school. The Paladins offer many different ways that Paladins can fund-raise to decrease or eliminate these costs. Cost should never be an issue when a student is considering the Paladins.

The Petoskey Paladins Handbook explains every sub-team and the general Paladin rules. There is also the Paladin Post, a newsletter sent out to keep parents in the loop. This year, we started to use MailChimp. If you are interested in subscribing to our weekly newsletter for parents, click here and follow the on-screen instructions.

If a parent wants more information, contact Val Meyerson at

FIRST STEAMworks has been released! The build season has begun, so your students will be meeting much more frequently than before. Please encourage them to get lots of sleep, stay hydrated, and keep up on their homework. Ineligible students will be unable to attend competitions, and you don't want to build an awesome robot and not see it compete. 

If you're interested, the game manual is here, and the game animation is below.